Nadia Wilson a Leader and Top Sales Professional at IQ Wired joined us to talk about her experience in the industry specific to what her clients have as challenges and how she is able to listen, translate and provide solutions.

A consistent theme Nadia hears and sees is the continued influence the Pandemic has on organizations outsourcing for specific needs. “The trend varies by industry and company size, but there are several trends and factors I see that still contribute to increased outsourcing needs as a residual to the pandemic.”

Some specific areas Nadia noted included the constant for cost reduction, a clear focus on the company’s core activities and risk mitigation. These drivers are pushing companies to evaluate their current limited staff headcount and to shift their focus to key areas instead of trying to do it all.

“Many companies faced financial challenges, leading them to explore cost-cutting measures. Outsourcing certain tasks and functions became more cost-effective compared to hiring/re-hiring and maintaining the in house staff. This showed in the technology space where companies simply didn’t have time to manage their services like Internet and voice, applications, active licenses, mobility and of course security, effectively. By delegating these tasks to other companies or specialized outsourcing firms clients are streamlining their operations and focus on strategic priorities.”

Risk Mitigation has proven to be a really key area of focus for companies. Workforce management, system back ups, contingency planning and the myriad of landscape threats continue to impede peace of mind and shift the thinking to outsourcing. “Security is a specialized skill and the competitive landscape of this specialized skill makes it difficult to keep the resources employed in house. That is where companies like ours, IQ Wired, become an invaluable partner for our clients. We understand and see this challenge all the time, so we have strategic partners in place to help our clients and meet them where they are. This makes us unique in anticipating what our clients may need and supporting their objectives.”

Deciding when to outsource is a strategic business decision that should be made after careful consideration of various factors. Lack of in-house expertise, cost efficiency for the scope/role, how much time can be redirected to core activities and initiates and of course do you have the right partner, are all important factors to the decision making process.

Outsourcing is not a one type or scope fits all, so having the right ally and strategic partner is essential to making the right decision. With over 20 years experience IQ Wired is able to be your partner on your challenges. As Nadia said, “listening, learning and leveraging our expertise can be a great competitive differentiator for our clients on their challenges.”

Where are you at in your outsourcing lifecycle? Maybe it’s time to partner with IQ Wired and hear more of what we are seeing across our 1,000 Enterprise clients?