Every Organization’s Cloud strategy is different and the decision to store all, any or some of your data in the cloud depends on your specific needs, requirements, considerations and industry regulations. While the Cloud allows access to your data from anywhere, making it convenient, it also opens security and cost concerns. The evaluation for which applications or business units should potentially be moved to the Cloud, or stay on premise, involves several considerations. Here are some influences to consider when deciding how much data you put into the Cloud.

Elasticity: Cloud storage can easily scale to accommodate your growing data needs, which may be more cost-effective than managing on-premises hardware. However, if there is a large amount of data going in and out (ingress/egress) of your Cloud environment, the fees from your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) can escalate quickly and unexpectantly. This creates an opportunity to utilize a cloud aggregator to scale bandwidth for public and private cloud connections, through strategic data centers or SDWAN applications, and could lead to profound operational effectiveness. This is, of course, also considering your hardware lifecycle and current available capacity to support the workloads on premise. If your business is cyclical in nature, rapidly expanding or easily prone to changing market conditions, the cloud can be an asset. If your applications, database and storage needs are consistent in nature, then on premise, colo or hardware solutions may be the perfect option for you.

Back Ups: CSPs typically offer robust backup and data redundancy options, which can enhance data security and recovery. This would be a seamless cost on your cloud deployment versus building out redundant physical infrastructure in potentially dual locations. In the event a recovery is necessary, both options can support your business.

Security: CSPs invest heavily in security measures, but it’s crucial to understand there are shared responsibility models and you may need to take additional steps to secure your data in the cloud and especially on prem. Depending on your industry and location, you may need to consider data privacy regulations and compliance requirements when choosing a CSP or staying on premise. It’s important to evaluate your own data sensitivity and recovery needs to find the right solution.

In Summary, the cloud can be a valuable answer for your businesses, but it’s essential to assess your data needs, security requirements, and budget constraints before deciding whether to store all your data in the cloud, keep all services on premise or embark on a hybrid solution. IQ Wired is a valuable partner in assisting how to break down your business and department needs to the best practice of cloud verses on premise. With over 19 years average industry experience we have risen through the industry to be an invaluable resource and partner to our clients. We are happy to engage and plan with you for your cloud journey.

Published On: May 15th, 2024 / Categories: Best Practices in Telecom Management /