We had the opportunity to hear from Jay Russell, Regional Manager at a top-rated Business Collaboration and Phone System Provider, who got his start in the industry selling Nextel phones to small businesses out of the trunk of his car. Fast forward from that hard-working start, he then spent six years at AT&T witnessing the proliferation of smartphones “I really latched on to some of those data applications on very clunky smartphones. Being able to remotely do time clocks, and of course geofencing; being able to track where your teams are. That stuff really excited me and I became one of the best salespeople at AT&T for those new data applications.” Jay knew early on the power of communication and how it can change the way an organization does business to remain competitive.

A company’s communication strategy can be a game changer in a competitive market. This is why Jay is so passionate about sharing how a ‘single pane’ communication platform can elevate a salespersons’ craft, increase customer service agents’ ability to solve problems and provide a great customer experience all while meeting the customer through their preferred method of communication. By integrating customer data across communication channels, (voice, chat, social media, etc.) you can gather valuable insights and provide personalized experiences. Think of taking a consumer from Marketing Lead Generation, through Sales Enablement, Onboarding all the way to Customer Service. This level of personalization builds stronger long-term relationships with customers.

Omni Channel Approaches to communication can transform business units ultimately helping to build a better business holistically. “Noone came to Henry Ford on a horse and buggy, asking for something better, he had to let people see and learn how much a Model T would improve their lives. That is what we are doing with technology today in this space. We are educating customers on it being the right time to improve on their client services, customer satisfaction and relationships by having information at their fingertips.”

Some people may feel there are complex challenges to successfully implementing communication technologies. However, when you understand a business’ initiatives, include careful planning, a well-trained staff, alignment between business units and of course the right partner the benefits can be immense. If it is time for you and your business to explore ‘Experience Personalization’, let’s begin discussing your strategy and roadmap while aligning with the right solution for your organization.  

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