We were thrilled to have a dedicated hour with our very own Chief Revenue Officer, Kelly Forsyth, to learn a little about what she is seeing and hearing as current challenges, trends and initiatives for businesses. With 15 plus years of industry experience and a 2022 top Channel Leader, you can imagine she has seen and heard a lot over the years. Kelly has always focused on being a strategic thinker, leader and partner to clients, prospects and teams. It almost makes us think, what hasn’t she seen yet….

To begin, Kelly felt compelled to talk through Evolution; not just evolution of technology, which is inevitable, but the evolution of how businesses are conducting business and managing their organizations health. “The realm of responsibility has not only evolved but also increased in a lot of instances for Leaders and employees alike. Often with these changes, now what someone may be expected to do or take on, have historically never been in their bucket or even their area of focus. Where do they start and who do they look to for assistance?” We see this as not just doing something different or perhaps doing more with less, but also doing it better with an improvement on overall communication and understanding of their personal impact to the business.

Personnel changes impact the experience a business provides and potentially their reputation outwardly. Working with a dynamic team that speaks all the languages; Technology, Executive, Finance, Operations, Service Delivery is critical for a company as they evolve. IQ Wired removes complexity in communication cross departmentally while translating thoughts and visions into meaningful dialogue that empower employees to help create optimal experiences for all stakeholders. We are an extension of your Team, focused on mutually assured success!

Join us over the next few months as we begin breaking down the technologies and implementation strategies Kelly touches on. Learn more about how our dedication to ‘hearing’ and understanding our clients’ needs, defining / implementing impactful solutions and our partnerships that make it happen truly assist organizations with positive outcomes through this rapid state of evolution.  

While we will be offering some great insight and solution options that tackle today’s personnel changes, certainly don’t hesitate to engage with us prior to that. If time is of the essence and our team is ready to support yours!