The Art of ListeningToday we write about a topic near and dear to the approach that IQ Wired takes with our customers. As a recent article on Forbes points out: Listening is becoming a lost art.

Listening is the single most crucial skill in communicating and building your business. Listening increases productivity, boosts confidence and reduces errors. Listening can have numerous benefits, including making you popular, building your personal brand and expanding your relationship network. 

So, why is listening in danger of extinction? According to Seth Horowitz, an auditory neuroscientist from Brown University, “Listening is a skill we’re in danger of losing in a world of digital distractions and information overload.” In fact, researchers (registration required) estimate that we only remember 25–50% of what we hear. Successful people hone this important life skill.

Not only listening but truly hearing is at the heart of our approach with our clients. To provide the highest possible levels of care and genuine alignment with your business objectives, there is no shortcut. To be successful, we must really listen and hear you to understand your unique business objectives. From a point of partnership and mutual understanding, we can defend and protect your goals and exceed expectations. Our approach to solution development, service management, contract management and change management drives optimal results to meet your current business initiatives and align with future plans as well.

Want to see how the experience is truly different with us?  Contact us today and we’ll attentively work to listen and understand your needs and objectives.

Published On: August 29th, 2019 / Categories: Best Practices in Telecom Management /