A decade ago, IQ Wired embarked on a journey to redefine Technology and Telecommunications Service Management (TTSM). Today, as we celebrate the past ten years of innovation and partnership, we’re excited to share some insights about working with the IQ Wired TTSM team.




In 2003, IQ Wired began as a traditional broker, specializing in the procurement and installation of new services. Over time, our client base expanded, and their loyalty led us to evolve. Recognizing the need for more comprehensive support, we extended our expertise beyond procurement and installations. We tackled challenges such as renewals, billing issues, service maintenance, and the exploration of emerging technologies. Following two years in beta, IQ Wired Managed Services (MS) was launched in 2012. Since then, we’ve continuously enhanced our processes to provide unparalleled support, establishing ourselves as leaders in the field of TTSM. 

Partnering with IQ Wired Empowers Your Team

At IQ Wired, we’re here to empower you and your team to achieve greatness. By collaborating with us, you free up precious time and resources that can be redirected towards strategic initiatives, driving revenue, and enhancing customer success. You and your team are invaluable assets, and your talents are best utilized in strategic endeavors, not chasing multiple providers for quotes, installations, communications, or billing issues.

We Deliver Outstanding Cost Savings and Efficiency

While managing things in-house might seem cost-effective, the reality is different. IQ Wired offers the industry’s only Savings Guarantee, with an average of 34% operational savings in the first year of partnership. Moreover, we unlock an average time savings of 25% for your team. Just imagine what your team could accomplish when freed from the minutiae of telecom management. Our real-time inventory repository, experienced team with over 19 years of expertise, and ongoing lifecycle management far outweigh the cost savings we deliver.

We Ensure You Get the Best Rates

We negotiate over $5 million in contract value every month, guaranteeing you the most competitive rates available. We’re not safeguarding a multibillion-dollar company’s revenue; we’re safeguarding you and your budget. With over 1,000 Enterprise clients, a remarkable 99% Retention Rate, and an impressive track record of over $25 million in savings, we’re not just impacting your bottom line – we’re enhancing employee satisfaction too!

From our early days as a traditional broker in 2003 to our evolution into IQ Wired Managed Services (MS) in 2012, we’ve continuously refined our processes and expertise. It has certainly been a journey of innovation, driven by our unwavering commitment to supporting our clients. As we celebrate this decade of progress, we invite you to tap into the power of TTSM with us and transform your technology and telecommunications management. Schedule your free consultation with IQ Wired today, and let’s embark on a new chapter together.