Radia Perlman attended MIT in the 70’s as a Mathematician and Engineer. She was one of very few women involved in the process of assembling networks and technology; what we know as the Internet today. Radia has had a huge impact on how networks self-organize and move data. In her first job, she invented the algorithm for spanning tree protocol (STP), the invention that helped solve information routing problems on networks. Meaning your data routes where it is supposed to when you have redundant networks in place.

Perlman shared her love of STEM fields serving as a professor at Harvard and never stopped exploring new ways to code. She has been honored in the National Inventors Hall of Fame, the Royal Institute of Technology and twice named as one of the most 20 most influential people in the industry!

While at IQ Wired we have not invented new codes or routing protocols we do focus on making an impact for our clients in their pursuit of technology solutions to drive their business forward.

We would love to talk to you about technology and your initiatives!!!

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