We may all be thinking, “I can’t believe we are more than halfway through the year, when did this happen?” Aside from any worry that may come over us there are some things from a business and leadership perspective we can be doing halfway through the year to ensure optimal success through year end.

The halfway mark is a perfect time to check in on organizational goals, keep momentum going and to be in close contact with employees. Employees are the foundation of any organization’s success and recently IQ Wired was able to bring the entire organization together, in person, for some fellowship, coaching, learning and growth. What an adventure it was.

We went to a Rockies Game, sadly they lost, experienced an escape room with a 100% success rate and most impactfully, had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Len Silverston, who teaches Corporate Mindfulness “facilitating collaborative cultures to boost productivity in organizations around the globe”.

There are 6 billion texts sent every day and the average person sees 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day. It is no wonder the average person loses their attention span every 10 seconds.

Len educated us on his S-T-O-P methodology, developed by his ‘Zen With Len’ organization, and how it breeds productivity in organizations that understand its intent. (S) Space needs to be given to just breath and relax. (T) Teleology or Truth in the design of your purpose. (O) Open as in being open to your purpose and the Opportunity, (P) Put your purpose into action. There are countless studies confirming that focusing on a workplace methodology like this reduces stress, creates better workplace relationships, and increases employee contribution.

Our practical results include better communication, problem solving and motivation that will continue to drive tangible results to the end of the year! It was an amazing time of year to recenter on internal teams to intentionally keep the momentum going and ensure our purpose and goals are met!

**Insert Deep Breath Here**

It was an experience!!!

So now that we have been recharged and are working even harder with greater productivity and thus greater outcomes…isn’t it time you started working with IQ Wired?

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