Welcome to the midpoint of 2023, where progress meets anticipation for the year-end horizon. We may all be thinking, “I can’t believe we are more than halfway through the year, when did this happen?” Rest assured, there is still ample time to take action from a business and leadership perspective that will ensure success through year-end. At IQ Wired, our 20 years of experience paired with our passion for bridging the gap between technology and people, puts us in a unique position to offer solutions and resources that positively impact organizations, teams, and their bottom lines. 

Two easy ways to see immediate results are refocusing on synergy activities and optimizing your Wireless/Mobile environment.

Technology Standardization Post Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions are like intricate puzzles, and at IQ Wired we artfully piece it all together. Whether your integration plan is on track or has recently faced a slowdown from competing projects being added to your plate, we’re here to assist and partner with you. Our experienced team is adept at aligning your legacy and post-merger technologies into a unified tech infrastructure that reduces cost and streamlines operations. Over a few months, your IQ Wired team can place and manage disconnects, re-rate expired contracts, and replace legacy expensive technology all impacting your bottom line and 2024 budget.  

Optimizing LTE, Wireless, and Mobile: Mobile has emerged as a formidable force, and at IQ Wired we know the tools and partners to enhance efficiency and reduce expenses. Our valued partners offer a seamless blend of services that are cost-effective and yield a short turnaround on your investment in just a few months. Many have already achieved substantial savings through our optimized mobile expense management solutions. Wireless plan optimization, staging/kitting, decommissioning, and ensuring your iPhones don’t become a paperweight are a few areas of immediate impact. Don’t navigate the mobile challenge alone. 

As we reach the midway checkpoint of 2023, it’s essential to take a moment to reflect on our journey and assess our progress. Don’t let the year slip away when there are still opportunities to make a big impact on your business. Leverage IQ Wired’s experience, partnerships, and resources through year-end to close out projects and jump-start your 2024!