For our 2013 2nd quarter community event we chose to participate in a Lyme Disease Awareness walk put on by one of our own’s daughter who is currently fighting the disease. She organized the walk to raise money to aid in treatment and prevention as well as educate people in the community about the disease itself. There was a lot of helpful information scattered about as well as an informational video playing. She even had live music! As a group we provided supplies and helped in setup as well as individually donating and participating in the walk itself. Lyme disease is currently the most widespread vector-borne disease in America with estimates of about 230k new cases yearly. We learned that not only ticks can transmit the disease but over 300 species of animals including mosquitos, fleas and biting flies as well. For more information and to donate please visit:


Published On: March 3rd, 2016 / Categories: Wired In to Our Community /