We had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Todd Panella, COO & CSO of Zivaro, a leading Managed Service Provider and IQ Wired Partner. With his diverse background that has carried him from engineering to infrastructure and through many leadership roles, Todd is no stranger to being the customer and the service provider partner. As we all experience change relating to technology, it’s worthwhile to hear from a professional in the industry who has had the opportunity, and desire, to control it all and insight to know when to outsource to the experts.

The rapid pace of change, market expansion strategies as well as sizable merger and acquisition activity has led to an increasing number of organizations turning to IT Outsourcing. The global IT Outsourcing market is expected to reach $430.5 billion in 2023. With the cost and competitive nature of the labor market, resources being “tasked” to death and the immense learning curve of new technology, we can see why the market is shifting to a model where engaging the experts with the economy of scale and a talent bench, drives results.

Those businesses that recognize this trend and find the right partners will capitalize now and be in a great position to achieve success in the years ahead. However, not everyone is ready to relinquish control and let someone else drive or manage the day to day ‘work’. As Todd notes, “we still see lots of traditionalists that are very much rooted in the past from an engineering and resource perspective who want to be hands on or don’t feel uncomfortable yet with the outsourced model. We think they just need help tackling the challenge of As-A-Service type of offering or knowing where to start with the industry.”

We see that complexities can drive stagnation or slow ‘things’ down, but it’s happening and it’s happening now. Information technology is the leading industry and business department for outsourcing. As a starting point, Forbes suggest the 80/20 rule, where you prioritize the top 20% of tasks in your business then outsource 80% as best you can.“We see that leadership is driving towards this outsourced model as they are inundated with pressure to get things done and move projects forward. These leaders don’t necessarily understand all the ins and outs of what is running the business from applications, infrastructure and architecture, but they think they can do better. This creates an immense opportunity for the IT teams and directors to bring the outsourcing idea, ROI and success plan to their leadership. Imagine the success of these companies when bringing the teams together. That is the victory we love to see!”

 IQ Wired has many strategic partners in the Outsourced IT space that have varying levels of expertise, bench talent and a local, national or global presence. Let’s have a conversation and understand your top priorities and the impact your outsourcing journey can have. We are here to help you align with the right partner while assisting to create the roadmap, business plan and ROI for your team and organization. The time is now and we look forward to working with you.