“In the Channel almost all of us came from the big Telecommunications Companies (Telcos). They were the foundation and offered the communication that everyone and every business needed to stay relevant. Telcos developed the fabric of communicating on the Internet and created the transport layer. Today that fabric needs to do so much more, and clients now require a Finished Service to stay significant to their clients, consumers, developers, boards and employees.”

Mike Allen, Principal Solution Architect, is one of those folks that came from a big Telco and now spends his time educating organizations on how to leverage what they have or understand what they need to solve challenges around emerging network architecture. Solving the challenge of combining network security, wide area networking (WAN) and cloud connectivity into a unified solution is the goal or “easy button” as Mike puts it, what companies need today….But where to start?

“The complexity of integration; bringing together networking, security and access control can be a significant challenge. It relies heavily on the “fabric”, network connectivity, between locations, users and application for performance. Data privacy and compliance is always top of mind and any solution needs to comply with relevant regulations and industry-specific standards.”

He notes, the most important step for any architect, developer, IT Professional or Executive is to have the right partner. “The network is a utility and now you need support and advice on how to make it work for you or Lean that project out” as Mike recommends. Lean into specialists in the space. Lean on managed providers with core capabilities. Lean into professionals in the Channel who are agnostic to a Telco and believe in solving complex client challenges.

IQ Wired partners with over 400 Providers to help you design, procure and deliver the right technology solutions to ensure your business capabilities. Let us be your Partner to remove complexity and complete your networks’ “Finished Service” for overall business optimization!