The third Thursday of January, April, July, and October, businesses take the time to examine and appreciate their most valuable asset, their customers. Improving customer relationships should be something that all businesses aim for every day. At IQ Wired we use this reminder to emphasize the importance of our customers as the most crucial element to success and we are excited to celebrate them as a lifeline in our business. 

Being in the Technology and Telecommunications Industry means constant change and daily challenges. We strive to defend and protect our clients from this chaos so they in turn have the capacity to continue supporting their customers, employees, and business goals.  We deepen and reinforce trust with our existing clients by employing feedback, allowing us to further pinpoint their needs.

Studies have shown us time and time again the unassailable link between loyalty, opinion, and client retention to the success of an organization.  

An astounding 86% of one-time clients will become long-term customers if they are provided with a good customer experience, and 78% of customers will continue to do business with a company who provides excellent customer service after making a mistake.

These numbers resonate with our experience at IQ Wired in a very aware trend. The quality of our service and the unique character of our customer support is validated by our 94% Customer Satisfaction Rating, and an extraordinary 99% Client Retention Rate. We would not have found such success if we did not prioritize the input of our clients.

Directly from our Clients:

-“The entire team has provided excellent support, great engagement, and provided outstanding service during an especially hard year of integrations and changes.” – SVP, Federal Contracting Company

-“Our IQ Wired team really does make our jobs a lot easier.  The amount of hours saved alone helps me focus on the technical aspects of the job.  Thanks team!”

-“Great partner, I consider IQ Wired a part of my team!”

We would like to thank our clients and partners for always providing real feedback, so that we can continue to evolve. For nearly 20 years it has been our privilege to provide you with the highest level of service and world class support.  Today, and every day we appreciate you.