This year marks an amazing strive in the telecommunications industry to broadcast for the first time ever, the Paralympic Games. How amazing is that! These Games started in 1960, six days after the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rome. They featured 400 athletes from 23 different countries and have taken place every four years since. Currently, over 4,000 athletes from 164 countries will be participating in Tokyo.

Paralympians, you could say, are the toughest athletes that have overcome some of the most challenging circumstances. Scout Bassett, a track and field athlete had to endure unimaginable hardships for a child after losing her leg in a chemical fire as a baby in China. What keeps her motivated is never giving in. She says she lives by those words and encourages others to “stay hopeful and stay persistent in what lies ahead.”

Triathlete and 2nd Lieutenant, Melissa Stockwell a CU Boulder alumni, served her country as part of the US Army’s Transportation Corps. While deployed to Iraq in 2004, her vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb where she lost her leg. She was the first female soldier to lose a limb in the Iraq War and was honored with the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Her mental fortitude through adversity gave rise to her quote to live by “You haven’t come this far to only get this far.”

All these athletes have one thing in common- perseverance. While we are not facing the same physical challenges as these amazing athletes, there is a high level of tenacity required to get through daily challenges. We know there are also challenges in managing and supporting today’s ever-changing technology landscape. IQ Wired is the persistent and relentless partner you have been looking for to support your people and organization. We will focus and execute on your strategic initiatives while saving you time and money. Let us go the distance for you! 

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