Denver, Colorado, November 13, 2019 — IQ Wired, a trusted single-source advisor in the management of enterprise telecommunications and technology portfolios, is pleased to announce the launch of sister company zLinq after a successful one-year incubation. Moving forward zLinq will operate as a separate entity with a targeted focus on telecommunications: Voice and Data Connectivity and Unified Communications. 

The zLinq launch delineates the dual strategy of maintaining a broad focus for IQ Wired while simultaneously creating a defined service strategy for zLinq. “IQ Wired has demonstrated a commitment in partnering with our clients to solve business problems by using technology to bridge the gap. Our continued success propelled us to a level that enabled the creation of new service offerings and entities. zLinq has the potential to tackle the telecom industry’s challenges,” said Darcee Nelan, IQ Wired’s CEO. IQ Wired will maintain a broad focus on telecom and technology brokerage services (Connectivity, Unified Communications, Wireless, Data Center, Cloud, IoT, Security, Utility and Everything-as-a-Service) and its Telecom and Technology Service Management offering.

IQ Wired’s strong foundation in technology and customer experience enabled zLinq to demonstrate repeated success for clients in a number of industries during the incubation period, providing the track record to be attractive to clients. “Building zLinq within IQ Wired’s framework was crucial in identifying various industry issues and experimenting with solutions to address them. As a separate brand zLinq is ready for its next phase of growth and evolution,” said Tatiana Finkelsteyn, IQ Wired’s Board Chair, and zLinq’s CEO. 

The relationship between IQ Wired and zLinq will continue to thrive as a strategic partnership. The companies share the same majority ownership and have enacted processes to ensure collaboration while creating differentiated customer experiences based on each company’s unique characteristics. Leadership has projected accelerated investment in both companies. Leadership and operational structures will remain unchanged.

About zLinq

zLinq provides an overlay telecom lifecycle management solution that fixes deficiencies around customer service, lack of transparency, complex processes and high costs. In parallel, it evaluates and implements innovations like software tools, data analytics and integrations with the ultimate goal of transforming the telecom industry. To learn more about zLinq, please visit:

About IQ Wired

Founded in 2003, IQ Wired has a proven track record of partnering with clients to solve business problems by using technology to bridge the gap.  IQ Wired is one of the largest, most admired women-owned and run Telecom and Technology brokerage/consulting firms in the country. To learn more about IQ Wired, please visit:


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