March is Women’s History month and today is International Women’s Day. This month and day is near and dear to IQ Wired, being a women-owned business in technology. We want to recognize women who have changed and shaped technology and one amazing female technology pioneer is Augusta Ada King-Noel, or Ada! Born in 1815, Ada was mainly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s general computer, the Analytical Engine. Ada had a deep curiosity for the mathematical and analytical element of computers and believed the algorithms carried out by a machine could go beyond mere calculations. This Analytical Engine served as a precursor for the modern-day computer. She was regarded as one of the first to recognize the full potential of the computer and the first computer programmer. Boy was she right in her vision! She would be thrilled to know that what she started in the compute field has evolved into massive amounts of data analyzed in seconds. Today’s computing services help measure, correlate, and analyze business activities to ensure operations are in line with customer success. Every business today needs insight for decision making and big data, IoT, AI and 5G is the current and journey ahead. 

IQ Wired also has a vision, to bridge the gap between humans and technology.  We have the expertise to guide businesses on the right technology path. There are far more options today then back in 1843 during Ada’s time, as such, the decision making process is more complex. We would love the opportunity to share our knowledge in how you can leverage compute for your business outcomes. Just imagine the possibilities!

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