Businesses today are facing a massive telecommunications evolution and are being issued an ultimatum to change or pay. Carriers do not want to keep investing in their old networks and maintaining resources with the engineering and field knowledge to support these technologies. The result is a shift in their offerings, ultimately impacting your business plan and budget.

Decommissioning Legacy services; POTS lines for health and safety, PRI’s, DSL and Metro Circuits, can be disruptive and time-consuming, which can cause an understandable reluctance to change. You may have to replace hardware, retrain employees, and update software and systems to integrate with new technologies. This can be overwhelming on a project you didn’t have forecasted.

So where do you spend your time and money? With the carriers or on your future? This is where IQ Wired steps in, to bridge the transition gap and decrease the pain points, alleviating the discomfort of migration to newer technologies.

The landscape is rapidly evolving and increasing rates on these legacy technologies are forcing a migration to newer, more efficient solutions like LTE, UCaaS, CCaaS, VoIP and cloud-based services. While there may be challenges associated with decommissioning services and infrastructure, the benefits of migrating are undeniable.

IQ Wired is dedicated to educating while guiding you through the process and bolstering your adoption with ease, empowering you to concentrate on your business and its growth. Let’s take action together so the Carriers don’t dictate your plans!