Our own Darcee Nelan, CEO and one of the top 10 influencers in the channel recently attended the Channel Partners MSP Summit and Leadership Summit in Orlando. She moderated panels on two key topics of interest in the channel; The Future of the Agent Model and The Great Technology Services Distributor Debate.

As for the Future of the Agent Model, some in the channel think the broker partner business model is dying or nearing extinction, as consumers become more digital savvy. This thinking is pivoting the model for agents and brokers to try to “scale beyond procurement by investing in consulting and post-sales services”.

The Distributor Debate looks at the massive amount of mergers and acquisitions, private-equity investments and how this has dramatically changed the landscape. “Channel partners of all kinds must assess the offerings and value provided to provide the highest level of service to customers”.

IQ Wired was forward thinking early on by developing, testing and launching a program in 2012 that addressed the above and beyond demands of organizations for their critical communication and technology needs. The IQ Wired Technology and Telecommunications Service Management (TTSM) Program is a full lifecycle procurement, negotiation, installation support, day two support, strategic alignment, and savings / cost containment program developed with our Enterprise customers’ input. It is a one of kind solution that scales beyond traditional broker partner services and creates an elevated level of support and unparalleled customer experience.

While other broker partners may be starting the pivot, IQ Wired is your seasoned channel partner with countless customers and documented success for them. Already representing over $26 million in client savings and 22.8K hours in time savings which has been given back to our clients so they may focus on key strategies and initiatives, not menial tasks in managing vendors, partners and carriers.

Trust us, as so many clients already have! We are proven and ready to support you.

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