COVID 19 - We're all in this together - Responding with technology, expertise, empathy, and care.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared the COVID-19 virus an official global pandemic. Government and Business leaders have joined forces in implementing extraordinary social distancing measures aimed at slowing the virus in the interest of public safety.

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the globe, our thoughts are with those who have been affected. In these challenging times, we know that clear communication is essential, which is why we want to detail the specific actions IQ Wired is taking to help encourage the health and safety of our employees, clients, technology advisors, provider partners, and other stakeholders.

As a technology solutions consultant IQ Wired has been bridging the gap between technology and people for the past 17 years. At IQ Wired we believe the best way to assist our clients is by using the technologies that we’re recommending in our own environment; which is one of the reasons why we’ve been offering work at home options to our employees for the past 8 years and why we’ve been recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a Best Place to Work on 3 different occasions.

As an integral step in our in response to COVID-19, we have determined that all of our staff will now work from home for the foreseeable future.  Additionally, we have restricted all non-essential travel and all of our meetings are now being conducted via virtual technology solutions.

While we may not be able to meet with you face to face, rest assured that IQ Wired is uniquely adept at supporting our clients in a distributed environment and collaborating remotely, all while ensuring your service experience will remain extraordinary.

  1. In response to recent events, our focus has been on providing our clients with the technical and practical knowledge necessary to help them transform to secure remote work environments by implementing encrypted Zero Trust AppWAN Solutions, SD WAN / SDN, and Remote Desktop in a secure environment.

  2. Many of our clients are now looking at remote options for their voice communications and collaboration needs as well. Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) systems (with handsets, soft phones and mobile apps) enable employees to work from home while still maintaining the visibility and functionality of a premise based phone system.  Collaboration tools like Office 365, Zoom, Go-to Meeting and Webex provide the ability for teams to be able to share content and video to ease the feelings of isolation associated with Social Distancing and are a very effective way of keeping communication first and forefront during these very challenging times.

  3. Using technology to enable a remote workforce generally requires additional or redundant bandwidth at the core. Inadequate bandwidth can result in a poor user experience for your customers and your employees. We can help you evaluate your options and provide you with cost competitive strategies for ensuring that your environment functions optimally for your customers and your employees.

  4. Cost containment and technology strategy alignment is of concern to many of our clients. We offer a Service Management program to our Medium to Enterprise Clients that provides guaranteed cost reductions, technology expertise and complete service management. Many people have other business initiatives to focus on in our current climate so they know they can rely on and trust our teams to manage their Telecommunications and Technology.

We are constantly monitoring the latest information about COVID-19 and we will continue to adapt to your evolving needs during this unprecedented time in history and have complete trust in the resilience of our people, our service providers and communities.


Darcee Nelan
CEO, IQ Wired

Published On: March 19th, 2020 / Categories: News & Events, Telecom Technology Updates /