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January 24th, 2023 | Best Practices in Telecom Management

The Key To Relevancy

At IQ Wired our goal is to ensure we provide value and create a positive, optimal experience for our clients, employees and partners. One way we do that is tirelessly striving to maintain our position as a thought leader in the always evolving technology and telecommunications space. This dynamic digital world that we live in […]

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January 19th, 2023 | Best Practices in Telecom Management

Get To Know Your Customers Day

The third Thursday of January, April, July, and October, businesses take the time to examine and appreciate their most valuable asset, their customers. Improving customer relationships should be something that all businesses aim for every day. At IQ Wired we use this reminder to emphasize the importance of our customers as the most crucial element […]

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January 17th, 2023 | Telecom Technology Updates

Strategic Conversations for a Successful 2023

In speaking with clients, reviewing countless white pages and participating in discussions with business and industry thought leaders we have compiled a few take aways for conversations, we believe, could be impactful for CIOs, CTOs and Organizations to evaluate in 2023. These thoughts, are of course, in addition to all things Security.   While there are […]

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January 10th, 2023 | Best Practices in Telecom Management

Home Office Safety and Security Week

Home Office Safety and Security (HOSS) Week occurs in the second full week in January each year. During this week, Work From Home (WFH) employees are urged to evaluate the safety of their work environment in protecting themselves, their family and their employers. It is a nod to both the employee and employer taking time […]

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November 08th, 2022 | Wired In to Our Community

National STEM Day

Radia Perlman attended MIT in the 70’s as a Mathematician and Engineer. She was one of very few women involved in the process of assembling networks and technology; what we know as the Internet today. Radia has had a huge impact on how networks self-organize and move data. In her first job, she invented the […]

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October 05th, 2022 | News & Events

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The White House proclaimed October 2022 as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It was a proclamation for people, businesses, and institutions of the United States to recognize the importance of cybersecurity. The ask is to take action to better protect ourselves  against cyber threats, and to observe Cybersecurity Awareness Month in support of national security and resilience. […]

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August 26th, 2022 | News & Events Wired In to Our Community

Women’s Equality Day

Seneca Falls, New York, 1948. This is where the first Women’s Rights Convention was held which launched the movement for women’s equality. 51 years ago, the U.S. Congress designated today, August 26th, as Women’s Equality Day. This day commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment (also known as the ‘Susan B. Anthony Amendment’) to the […]

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August 23rd, 2022 | News & Events Wired In to Our Community

Insight Series- Volume 2

Customer Experience; Humans VS Technology? Forrester Research noted, 2021 marked a major emphasis on automation so expect the pendulum to swing back toward a renewed focus on the agent touchpoint. In essence what customers are wanting to see again is the human element of customer support. How do you add the human element when the […]

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