Your analog phone lines, or Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS), and other legacy services like T1, voice PRI and copper-based services are quickly being terminated or priced at full tariffed rates ($400 and $600 per analog line in some markets) by Providers all but making replacement a foregone conclusion. AT&T’s latest price change notification confirms “effective on or after October 20th, 2021, rates will increase by 50%.” (AT&T Business Guide) While Verizon states “After the retirement, Verizon will no longer offer services via copper facilities and cease maintaining them.” ( This is no longer an impending event rather it is now a reality for businesses that utilize copper services for voice, fax, Point of Sale (POS), alarm, elevator and other health or safety regulatory lines. So, what are your options?

5G allows for organizations like yours to overcome the decommissioning of said copper services. 5G became more widely available in 2018 and is next generation wireless network technology that is changing the way people live and work. When utilizing 5G technology your connected devices receive lower latency, faster speeds, better performance and in most areas, more reliable service. It is designed to support Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data in real time without the burden of a wire line service. This will give operations and stakeholders piece of mind that no matter what, your systems will work. 5G technology is being implemented every day as a POTS replacement solution providing business’ resiliency thus helping to prepare them for anything.

There is no better time than now to start planning your POTS and copper services replacement strategy as the increased cost could greatly impact your budget. Let’s work together to review the numerous available options in the marketplace before those legacy services become unserviceable. IQ Wired is ready to help your organization navigate through the changes and assist in managing the roll out for your organization. Contact us today to start that transition.

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