It can’t be just me? 

Supply chain challenges, the Great Resignation, legacy product sunsetting; have you been dealing with some of these trends of 2022? Many organizations have and we know it can impact Client Service and Satisfaction. What better time to focus on resiliency and enhancing efficiencies to continue to deliver for your clients and your current employees.

With over 1,000 Enterprise clients we see a wide variety of challenges but also the opportunities in this ever-changing landscape. We work with our clients to increase efficiencies, manage / reduce cost, automate and digitize where applicable and ensure the right solutions / partnerships that positively impact client satisfaction and organizations’ bottom line. Unsure if any of these trends are currently impacting you, here are a few examples of some common challenges:

Supply Chain Challenges:

  • Securing Raw Materials (chips, glass, paper)
  • Supplier Operational Issues (employee turnover, recalls, import restrictions)
  • Supplier Financial Health (increased cost of goods, rising employee cost)

Great Resignation Challenges:

  • Employee Retention Issues (employee experience)
  • Organizational and Workforce Cost (benefits, flexibility, personalization)
  • Turnover and Open Positions (limited pool, limited skill sets)

Legacy Product Challenges:

  • Increased Cost (too costly for providers to maintain, high regulatory fees)
  • Forced Product Migrations (it wasn’t a part of your current strategic plan)
  • Maintenance Outages (increase rate of disruption)

Our experience has taught us how to work effectively with procurement for advantageous terms and to manage supplier diversification without sacrificing policy or security. We have seen Software as a Service (SaaS) that empowers employees and provides a personalized career path mapping opportunities to keep employees motivated and driven. With over 400 plus providers in our portfolio, we educate and can predict legacy product changes / sunsetting and help you roadmap to ensure you are taking action at the right time.

Our diverse background and 99% retention rate provides you an opportunity to partner with experts that can help reduce risk and increase employee and client satisfaction. Let’s get a strategy session on the books to see what impact is left for you in 2022!

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