See how impactful working with IQ Wired can be:

The good news about being in business since 2003 is that we’ve seen a lot of scenarios and have lots of measurable data. Fill in the fields below to estimate how much time and money you could save by working with us and we’ll be back to you next business day with exact estimate of time and money our involvement could save you based on our extensive benchmarking database.

Where we engage with our clients, in two months, our team will audit the current environment and related expenses, creating a detailed savings roadmap that provides an guaranteed 10% savings with an average 35% reduction in telecom and technology expense spend for ongoing services.

Many clients don’t realize how much time and money they waste on the administrative overhead associated with managing their telecom and technology. Here are some stats that you’ll find useful:

Number of providers who offer IT Cloud solutions in a typical large city. To create a short list will take you hours wasting time on researching many options that prove irrelevant.

6 meetings graphicMinimum number of meetings you will have to have to choose a telecom or cloud provider since most companies get at least 3 bids and have 2 appointments with each provider, not including additional technical and deep dive interactions. You would waste time by having to explain your environment to different people.

Steps it takes to process a simple disconnect order with a provider. In most organizations, IT staff is too busy and steps are skipped which results in contract penalties, unidentified billing errors and outdated inventories.

Of invoices are incorrect after a change to service is made and organizations continue to pay incorrect bills for many years.


Hours needed to get a LEC Ethernet circuit activated after order is placed (technical interview, project management calls, site access coordination, vendor coordination) which takes away time from critical IT tasks and strategic projects.

Number of software programs that we use for Lumen alone. As brokers, we have direct access to these system provided to you via a single POC whereas your staff has to obtain the information from several departments.