Chances are, like many of our enterprise clients you operate in an environment with:

  • Multiple telecom & technology providers
  • Lack of benchmarking data
  • Multiple spreadsheets instead of central inventory repository
  • Time lost on mapping technical elements of services to contracts and invoices
  • Constant pressure to do more with less

Our clients do their best to manage this complexity but we can do better. Why? Because we have tools that IT departments usually don’t have internally:

Telecom Service Management Assets

Telecommunications Expense Management & Technology Service Management

How we get started with you: In two months, our team will audit your current environment and related expenses, creating a detailed savings roadmap that provides a guaranteed 10% savings with an average 35% reduction in telecom and technology expense spend for ongoing services.

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We partner with you so that you can focus on strategic management of your technology and we can take care of the tedious minutia that you don’t have time for. Working with us will be like adding another member to your staff.

We will provide:

Telecom Service Management Fundamentals
Million In Spend Under Management
Enterprise Clients
Savings Guarantee in the First Year
Customer Satisfaction Rating

We Are Truly Different!

We know that many clients with a prior telecom & technology optimization experience are not satisfied. Vendors bring unrealistic and disruptive recommendations, charge for savings that never get implemented, disrupt relationships with providers, and waste hours of IT staff’s time without delivering results. Through years of experience, we have built our program to addresses these challenges and are so confident in our solution that we are the only vendor in our space to back it up with a financial guarantee.

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