The adoption of Cloud technology has grown and evolved, offering numerous benefits to businesses. While Cloud provides scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, it also presents challenges, such as managing cloud sprawl, ensuring data security, and selecting the right partners.

Many businesses have reported cost savings from using and moving more deeply into cloud technology as it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain physical infrastructure. However, the financial implications can be complicated as people are experiencing issues with budgeting, pricing models, service-level agreements and ‘shadow cloud spend’. As businesses expand cloud usage another major challenge has become managing cloud sprawl which can cause uncontrolled growth of cloud resources, leading to duplication of services and unpredictable spending. AWS alone has more than 1.5 million SKUs to select from and manage!

According to a recent report published by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), 86% of organizations utilize multiple cloud platforms to store their data across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Only 39% of these businesses cite high levels of confidence in their ability to secure data in the cloud, leaving the majority of users feeling unsure about their cloud safety, usage and governance. Let’s not forget about the confidence, or lack thereof, these businesses have regarding the ability to effectively manage their Cloud spend.

Many businesses lack the resources and time to manage their Cloud service as deeply and effectively as they would like. Without this expertise, it can be challenging to optimize Cloud spend, ensure data security, and manage Cloud sprawl. When partnering with IQ Wired, we facilitate solutions and assist businesses in managing Cloud initiatives that align with their specific needs, helping to decrease costs and preserve valuable resources. 

The Cloud presents both opportunities and challenges. IQ Wired is here to help regardless of where your organization might be in their Cloud posture and evolution, let’s talk!