What a Strategy Session is like, and what we cover

We’re located in Denver and are really big on relationships, so of course we’d love to meet you in person if that’s feasible. But we’re also happy to meet via phone or web/video bridge.

With Whom:
You’ll meet with one of our business development managers. By the way, our most-junior manager has been in telecom for 6 years; the average experience of a salesperson at a service provider is 18 months. We compensate our managers NOT on one-time high up-front commissions the way service providers do. Instead, ours get a smaller residual for as long as you stay with IQ Wired. That means these meetings are pleasantly long-term focused, with no pressure. (Plus we hire friendly people in the first place!)

How Long:
We are extremely respectful of your time and will take 60 minutes.

We will ask questions about your business and technology use, give you a brief overview of what we do, listen to the requirements for your particular project, and answer any questions you may have.

Next Steps:
To make the best technology decisions, it’s important to know precisely which services you have today. About 80% of our clients don’t come to us with up-to-date inventories. In that case, we work with your Accounts Payable area to get copies of invoices and analyze the services you’re paying for. This is at no cost to you, regardless of whether you decide to retain us.

Of course, if you already know exactly what you have and what you need, we can simply collect the parameters of your requests. Then we’ll come back to you with options from multiple providers. Our only caution is that we’ve found an interesting phenomenon from working with thousands of customers: Occasionally companies will come to us with specific requests, but in later conversations they’ll realize that there are options they were unaware of, or the marketplace has changed due to mergers and new regulations. That is all to say that we’re happy to give a short answer to a set of specific requirements; but we’re also happy to hunt for cost savings and reliability gains when we know your goals and are let loose to identify creative ways of getting there.