IQ Wired remains committed to supporting Rural Healthcare (RHC) eligible organizations and (RHC) recipients. We are here to support your needs while ensuring that we are vigilant in adhering to the compliance standards and rules established by the Federal Communications Commission’s Rural Health Care (“RHC”) programs (the Telecommunications Program or the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF).

Note that IQ Wired will have no contact with RHC qualifying healthcare companies during the silent period associated with the RHC funding website.

Are you a private healthcare provider, not eligible for RHC program benefits?  If so, please visit our other solution pages to see how we can assist you.

IQ Wired’s policy is that its employees or agents must not be involved with any customer or client activities directly related to RHC program participation.

As an eligible participant in the Rural Healthcare Program, it’s important to recognize that IQ Wired does not provide consulting services and will not participate in any bids in response to FCC Forms 461 or 465 for federal funding nor will IQ Wired will have any contact with healthcare companies during the ‘silent period’ associated with the RHC funding window.

Clients participating in the RHC program are solely responsible for selecting service providers and completing applications for RHC funding in such a way that complies with the rules of that program. IQ Wired will not be held liable for any decision by the FCC or the administrator of the RHC Program (the Universal Service Administrative Company) in connection with the Client’s participation in the RHC program.

Note: We are not a consultant as it pertains to any RHC recipients, nor will we participate in any bids in response to FCC Form 465 of federal funding.