We can act as your broker, with nationwide services:

Technology service providers engage with clients through either employee sales representatives or brokers. 35% of telecom and technology services are purchased through brokers like IQ Wired because clients prefer to deal with a vendor-neutral adviser. As brokers, we can be engaged with every part of your buying process and even ongoing support.

Telecom Broker, Technology Broker and Selection Service

Buying technology is a solid starting place for a potential engagement with us. Here’s how it works:

We meet to discuss your requirements, environment, and goals. From our unusually extensive database of more than 350 service providers, we work to present you with a short list of options that are most appropriate for your needs. We will be transparent about why we suggest those providers.

We conduct meetings with the shortlisted providers. Some clients like to lead these while IQ Wired stays in the background as an objective adviser. Other clients ask that we quarterback the engagement, only involving them at critical milestones.

We prepare preliminary pricing and review it with you. If necessary, we set up engineering and additional requirements calls with providers and work with you via email or calls to firm up requirements.

Having clarity on the final requirements, we use our localized benchmarking database to get the best-and-final quote from service providers. We use promotions, competitive leverage and visibility to over $3.5M in contract value to get you the best pricing and best contract terms

We work with you to determine which project elements you will manage, and which—if any—you would like us to manage. Depending on technologies and preferences, we can take as little or as much involvement as needed.

During and after installation, we assist with moves/adds/changes and escalations. Over time, we become intimately familiar with your environment, making the process of buying technology even more efficient.

Service providers recognize the value that brokers bring and there is no cost to you for using our services, because the service providers compensate us much like they compensate their normal sales representatives.

It’s important to know that if we are your broker, you can still maintain a very close direct relationship with service providers:

  • Your contract, invoicing, engineering and repair is still with the provider directly.
    You will not lose control or visibility you have directly, only get additional layer of support.
  • We have to earn your business every day.
    Clients often call us as the single point of contact for all requests. However, at any time you can reach out directly to provider’s sales, support and engineering exactly the same way you would if you purchased services directly.
  • You can keep your service provider account team. Some clients see value in the time savings, benchmarking and apples-to-apples multi-vendor proposals we provide but also want to preserve relationships with vendor sales reps. Many service providers recognize this as a preference and allow brokers and direct sales representatives to work as a team to support you.

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