“How do you make your money?”

When you use us to buy services, we get paid by the providers. When you use us to manage services, you pay us a fixed fee. In both cases, we earn it through increased reliability, reduced costs, and time saved for our clients.

“Why should I pay you when I can go directly to a service provider?”

For buying services, you don’t have to pay us. We get compensated by the service provider much like they compensate their direct sales people. Please remember this: If you work through us, your price does not go up from the provider. It’s no different from buying a product directly at Amazon vs. buying it through an Amazon affiliate that you know. Amazon does not change the price you pay but in technology, the pricing you get is dependent on many factors – read about them here. Brokers can help you sift through this complexity and prevent costly mistakes – all at no cost to you.

“We just renegotiated all our costs last year. Could it be that you would find cost savings so soon?”

We can’t say for sure until we know what you negotiated. However, we can say that the telecom, cloud, and technology management world makes years look like centuries. Between mergers, new technology, and competitive forces, pricing and options change just about daily.

“If we do a Telecom and Technology Service Management agreement with you, does that make some of our in-house IT personnel obsolete?”

Absolutely not. We get engaged when IT departments want to free up the time of their valuable technical resources from tedious administrative tasks associated with technology management. In one sense it’s no different from when you hire an additional person to relieve the pressure on existing staff. In this case, our team will get involved at your direction to support your internal goals. The only key difference is we’re like an additional employee that doesn’t hit your bottom line because our compensation is more than covered by the savings we realize for you.

“If we hire and you identify savings, will that make our staff look bad?”

No. We have tools that your internal staff doesn’t have: a benchmarking database that allows us to push for better deals, access into internal systems of service providers and a software to have a single pane view into your environment. We work as a team – our tools and personnel combined with your knowledge of your business and environment – and the results we achieve together make IT teams look good. In fact, many of our clients put our joint optimization successes on their resumes.

“Who does not need your services?”

You might not need them if one or more of the following describes you:

  • The choices in the marketplace are clear to you and you continuously dedicate the time on proactive research of new developments.
  • You have relatively straightforward needs and they’re being met.
  • You have a static environment with very minimal moves, adds, changes.

In that case, you’re good to go! You don’t need us or any other consulting firm in our industry.

Nobody can be expert at all aspects of telecom, cloud, and technology. How do I know my needs are within your expertise?

We know what we’re not expert at, so if you have some highly specialized need that’s not in our realm, we’ll refer you to someone else, and we’ll let you know our basis for referral. We refer clients to other specialists all the time and get a lot of compliments on the fact that our referrals are vetted thoroughly.

We’ve had a bad experience with a telecom optimization vendor before, how are you different?

We hear this a lot. In fact, most of our management clients had one or more failed telecom initiatives. Our business model is unique and was developed with help of CIOs and IT Directors to address all the components that were broken in the industry. And we are so confident that this works, we are willing to give you a financial guarantee of results, unlike any other vendor.