IQ Wired Launches Sister Company


IQ Wired is pleased to announce the launch of our sister company zLinq on 11/13/19. zLinq has been operating under the IQ Wired umbrella since 2018 and will now become a separate entity.


There are two primary reasons:

Creating two brands allows us to pursue unique company missions:
  • IQ Wired’s mission is to create a positive impact by unlocking the potential in everything we do through the unique IQ Wired client experience
  • zLinq’s mission is to transform telecom industry
The creation of two brands allows us to mobilize our resources to align with two distinct market opportunities and solutions:
IQ Wired Launches Sister Company - zLinq


  • Two focused companies allow for expertise driven solutions to better serve our client’s needs in this ever evolving tech world
  • The dual branding will allow both organizations to grow faster enabling us to leverage our joint size in the marketplace to create new opportunities for employees, clients and partners


Two companies will focus on different product portfolios:
zLinq & IQ Wired Capabilities
  • We will operate as strategic partners and sister companies with the same majority ownership and similar values of getting things done while valuing people and partnerships
  • Both companies will collaborate and leverage each other’s resources and core competencies now and in the future
  • zLinq will leverage IQ Wired’s expertise in the telecom brokerage space by using IQ Wired exclusively as a master agency
  • Continued investment in the growth of both companies
  • Both companies are women owned and led by a powerhouse female leadership teams:
    • Darcee Nelan continues to lead IQ Wired as CEO with Tatiana Tinkelsteyn remaining as the Board Chair
    • zLinq is led by Tatiana Finkelsteyn as CEO and Board


Is zLinq a spin-off?

Technically no since that would require the sale or distribution of new shares of IQW, this is a launch of a new sister company with the same majority ownership.

What is the leadership structure?

Leadership structure remains unchanged for both companies.

How will my experience as a sub-agent be different?

IQ Wired is committed to providing you with the same experience that you’ve always counted on.

What footprint will zLinq focus on?

zLinq will focus primarily on opportunities outside of Colorado

Will the two companies compete for market share?

No, we have internal processes in place so that the two sister companies will not
compete. Although there is an 30% area of overlap in the telecom space, we are
confident that the market size and areas of focus for the two companies are
diverse enough that each company will own their niche in the marketplace.

Will zLinq become a Master Agent or focus on recruiting Sub-Agents?

No, zLinq is focused on selling a managed services offering and will essentially operate as a Sub-Agent under IQ Wired.