With the legally mandated breach reporting requirements now in place, there were more than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2022, equaling approximately 22 billion records being exposed. These are just the KNOWN breaches as thousands more have yet to be discovered. The breaches and leaks are a combination of phishing attacks, malware infiltration and 3rd party actions that resulted in massive amounts of compromised data. We all know a company we have done business with that has been impacted, creating a sense of insecurity and questions of ‘how did this happen’?

While there is a very real financial impact to businesses, the potential negative effect on a company’s reputation and consumer trust runs deep during these public admissions of data breach. For these reasons, and the expected increase in reported breaches in 2023, our own Rob Hurst, Director of Engineering, is constantly discussing security initiatives, trends and tools to help our clients better equip themselves to defend and respond to the cyber security issues that continue to increase and evolve. As Rob expresses, “the security eco system has become larger than a single person or dedicated team can manage. People don’t have the ability, time and manpower to become an expert in this field anymore. It is changing too rapidly.”

This is why so many businesses we work with are turning to trusted industry experts and partners to help augment and support their security posture. We see companies at varying stages of their security journey with some running at DDoS, Phishing, Malware and employee education. Others are walking towards managed Security Operations Centers (SOC), Zero Trust postures, more robust monitoring / reporting tools and a systematic change to their data sharing needs. There is another group that is leaning into ensuring their companies are protected correctly as they align with the complexities and requirements of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Management.

We work with thousands of clients and value the opportunity to discuss the complexities of security with you and to assist in any way we can to protect your revenues, brand and consumers!

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