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Companies are using more and more bandwidth every day. As a result, the number of request for fiber-based fast services has rapidly increased of late. Services delivered over fiber are highly desirable, generally affordable and always scalable.

However, the installation of fiber to a building for the first time requires involvement from both the carrier and the customer. Here is an overview of the expectations from each side.

Carrier Fiber Installation Process

Upon request from a sales agent or customer, the carrier will review fiber node locations and determine if any special construction is needed to bring fiber to the customer’s premises.

If special construction is needed, the costs will be relayed to the agent or customer. Usually these costs can be built into the monthly rate of the service being ordered, though on some occasions when the customer site is very far from the closest fiber there my be upfront costs related.

The carrier will bring the fiber and related equipment needed for the specific service requested all the way into the customer’s building and place it in the common building point of demarcation (aka demark or MPOP).

Customer – Preparing for Fiber Installation

The customer requesting service must provide an empty conduit with pull tape from the property line/carrier vault into the building demarcation point. The conduit must contain a pull tape for easy of pulling in the fiber.

The customer must provide adequate power, ground and backboard space at the building demarcation point for the carrier equipment to be installed.

The carrier field engineer will walk the site with the customer’s vendors who will supply these items to provide specifics and agree on how the work should be done.

If the building is a multi-tenant environment and the customer does not own the building, the property manager and/or building owner should be engaged to confirm they will permit this work to be done and perhaps to contribute to the cost.

Fiber installation is certainly a project which requires a level of commitment from both the customer and carrier.

Fortunately, IQWired advisors are versed in the process and experienced in coordinating both the carrier and customer side to ensure a smooth implementation.

Ask us how we can help you deploy fiber today.


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I don’t even know what to say, this made tihngs so much easier!

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