Geotech Environmental

Geotech, a 200-employee organization, transitioned from a specialty machine shop to an environmental equipment manufacturer in 1978 when invited by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to partner with them in developing products and technologies for the emerging U.S. Trace Metals Analysis Program. Coupled with ongoing product research and development, Geotech now offers the most extensive line of equipment in the environmental field.

In addition to its 125,000 square-foot Denver-based manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters, Geotech now operates service centers in eight states, plus a European Sales Center in Barcelona, Spain and a representative office in Beijing, China. Geotech equipment meets environmental challenges on every continent.


  • Managing 20+ telecom providers ranging from large national providers to small regional providers with multiple invoices across their environment.
  • Provider employee turnover created support issues for service, contracts, and pricing.
  • New requirements for increased security and remote management for all locations.
  • Bandwidth was insufficient to support the roll-out of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for their sales professionals.


After reviewing with leadership and the local technical teams, IQ Wired understood Geotech’s needed to add bandwidth and redundancy at HQ for a new CRM launching to the remote sales team, and increase Geotech’s cybersecurity posture particularly as it related to internet and vulnerability to outside threats. Decreasing the number of providers and increasing the level of support was also an important objective.

IQ Wired’s deep understanding of Geotech’s technical needs and buying criteria enabled them to engage and vet the providers who were most capable of satisfying Geotech’s needs from a solution and cost perspective.

Ultimately, IQ Wired helped Geotech with vendor selection based on the provider’s ability to support multiple technologies, geographical regions and provide a dedicated support team. Working with Geotech’s technical team and the provider’s technical resources, IQ Wired was able to provide a fully managed, fully redundant Managed SD Wan solution. IQ Wired brought the expertise and relationships to address Geotech’s security concerns as well as the additional bandwidth and reliability necessary to support the roll out of their CRM. IQ Wired was also able to simplify and consolidate services into a single invoice.

Net Result of the Implementation

Geotech saw a 25% reduction in telecom and technology expenses. They also had significant bandwidth increases from 1.54mb to 20+mb at each branch, with additional redundancy at the Headquarters location that was achieved by replacing one 100mb connection with two 500mb connections with redundant underlying providers for increased resiliency.