Meet the Leaders of IQ Wired

Our team is committed to making your life easier and helping you plug into the IQ of technology. Each team member brings the expertise, judgment, leadership and diversity of thought and experience required to make responsible decisions for all of our stakeholders:

Image of Darcee Nelan Headshot

Darcee Nelan, CEO

I have been in technology since 1984 and at IQ Wired since 2010. I have overall responsibility for company’s strategy, execution and culture. My favorite quote is ‘Get busy living or get busy dying’ from Shawshank Redemption.
Superpower: Elastic Girl. I’m stretchy, flexible and adjustable. My team also insisted that I add People Genius.
Fun thing to talk about: Love to travel. Last adventure was a bucket list trip on safari in Tanzania.



Kelly Forsyth, VP of Sales

I have been in technology since 2001 and with IQ Wired since 2015. I am a Sales leader but prefer to think of my role as translator that helps protect and defend our clients and stakeholders’ ideologies and strategies. My favorite quote is ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.’ – Aristotle
Superpower: Multi-task Girl. I’m able to multi-task like no one else and actually keep it all straight.
Fun thing to talk about: YOU … I want to learn more!!!



Image of Rochelle Maki-Williams HeadshotRochelle Maki-Williams, VP of Service

I recently joined IQ Wired in September of 2019, after spending the past 23 years in the technology field working for a global Fortune 100 company. In my role as the Vice President of Service, I have overall responsibility for the Service Organization with a focus on client satisfaction and service excellence. My favorite quote is: While others prayed for the good time coming, I worked for it. – Victoria Woodhull

Superpower: Utility player because I can fill several roles as needed to help fill a void when challenges arise which can really be the difference between success and failure.

Fun thing to talk about: My family, including my husband and our little girls, enjoy all that Colorado has to offer including skiing, hiking, and biking. I am also an active volunteer at the University of Colorado, my alma mater. 



Image of Julie Owen HeadshotJulie Owen, VP of Operations

I have been in technology since 2003 and at IQ Wired since 2008. My job is to make sure that IQ Wired runs like a well-oiled machine when it comes to finance, systems and processes. My favorite quote is from the movie Road Trip ‘It’s supposed to be a challenge, that’s why they call it a shortcut. If it was easy, it would just be the way’.
Superpower: Skeleton Girl. I provide the structure for the entire organization.
Fun thing to talk about: Personality types and profiles, different thinking and learning styles.




Tamara Mann, Director of Telecom and Technology Service Management

I have been in technology since 2000 and at IQ Wired since 2013. My role is to make sure that our clients get the best possible experience and are delighted with their decision to choose IQ Wired. My favorite quote is by my daughter Ashly ‘We flourish when we are happy’.
Superpower: Microscope Girl. I’m able to focus like no one’s business.
Fun thing to talk about: Love the Colorado mountains and Harley Davidson.




Jamie Stultz-Yeomans, Director Enterprise Sales

I have been in technology since 2002 and with IQ Wired since 2017. By understanding our client’s business strategies and processes we’re able to solve problems and create efficiencies through the use of technology solutions. We’re an extension of your team! One of my favorite quotes is “Vision without Execution is Hallucination” – Thomas Edison
Superpower: Puzzle Piece Girl. I see the individual pieces of your strategies and assist to bring the big picture together.
Fun thing to talk about: Your goals and what you want to learn about next!




Robert  Hurst, Director Engineering

I have been in technology since 1999 and joined the IQ Wired team in 2018.  I view myself as someone who is able to take various complexities in technology and format information in a way that different audiences can understand and consume. My favorite quote is “Say what you do and do what you say” – Unknown.
Superpower – Common Sense, I am able to look at complexity and chaos and identify a better way forward.
Fun thing to talk about – Personal growth and how each individual has a unique path and experiences to realize that growth.



Image of Tatiana Finkelsteyn HeadshotTatiana Finkelsteyn, Founder

I have been in technology since 2000 and founded IQ Wired in 2003. I currently support IQ Wired as a chairwoman of the board as well as with strategic projects. I’m also looking for new business ideas that combine technology, entrepreneurship and social impact. My favorite quote is ‘if you are capable of something, you must do it’ – my Dad.
Superpower: Hugging Jello Girl – I’m good at taking complex concepts and turning them into a goal with an action plan.
Fun thing to talk about: Traveling, I visited 27 countries and met with 62 businesses in 2016.