IQ Wired Careers:

There are jobs, and then there are long term careers. Careers that offer you an opportunity to do work that is meaningful, challenging and rewarding. Coworkers who are smart, ambitious, and motivated day in and day out. We work hard together but also play hard during regular get-togethers ranging from volunteering to camping to happy hours and an annual trip to Mexico. We are a company that’s big enough to make an organizational impact but small enough to have everyone’s individual impact felt. Our favorite answer from an employee survey to a question of how we can improve was ‘The only thing that would make IQ Wired a better place to work is if everyone got a Unicorn’. Needless to say, we’ve added toy Unicorns to the welcome packet everyone gets when they start here. That’s the kind of work environment you can expect at IQ Wired – immediate results with a touch of fun.

Winner - Denver Business Jorunal Best Places to Work 2019

In 2019, IQ Wired was named a Best Place To Work by the Denver Business Journal.

How We Recruit:

We use a unique approach to hiring and rarely post for positions. Instead, we ask our clients to name people they perceive as best at what they do. We then reach out to these people and build long term relationships so that when the time is right for both sides, we start working together. We call this ‘by invitation’ recruiting.

If you are in technology in Denver area, consider yourself the best, and have not heard from us – please have someone in the industry send us an endorsement and we look forward to starting a dialog.

Community Involvement:

We participate in our community by having regular employee-nominated community events. Here is a list of organizations these efforts supported to date: