T1 Services & Solutions

Get optimal bandwidth.

About T1, DS3 & OCx:


  • Are still the only ubiquitously available technology – you can get a T1 anywhere you can get a phone line, unlike other technologies like Fiber and Ethernet that are available at only a fraction of office buildings
  • Come in increments of 1.5Mg (when used for data) or 24 simultaneous call paths (when used for voice) and can be bonded together – maxing out at 8 circuits. Offer high quality, symmetrical bandwidth, and clearly defined SLAs – they have been around for many years, so carriers are pretty good at installing, supporting, and managing these circuits
  • Vary in price by carrier depending on how a carrier is obtaining copper access to your building. Using reputable carriers, pricing will range between $150 and $600 per circuit based on location
  • Can be used to connect to the Internet, to provide phone service, or to connect two points (like several sites)


  • Equivalent to 28 T1s bonded together
  • Offered as full or fractional
  • Can be provisioned over copper, but typically over fiber
  • Can serve as a local loop for multiple services (PRIs, p2p connections, Internet access, etc.)


  • OC3 = 3 DS3s
  • OC12 = 12 DS3s
  • And so on – when you need a lot of capacity

How IQ Wired Can Help:

  • Help you select the right technology based on your needs and on what’s available in your building
  • Once technology selection is made, provide you with quotes on multiple carriers that are laid out in an easy-to-compare side-by-side format. Carriers know that we present multiple solutions so we have additional leverage to ask for best pricing and promos
  • Because wWe install 100s of new connections per month for our customers, we can give you insight on what to expect post-sale
  • Allow you to feel that you’ve fully shopped all options without needing to meet with multiple sales reps
  • This service doesn’t cost you anything because carriers pay us (like they pay their direct sales force)
  • There are many advantages to buying services through an agent. Find out more if you haven’t worked with one before

To learn more or start getting the best bandwidth solution for your business, contact us or request a meeting today!