Fiber Solutions

What Fiber Is:

A preferred transport for companies who need 20Mg and more of symmetric bandwidth for connection to the Internet, other sites, or data centers. Fiber connections offer multiple advantages:

  • Provisioned over newer infrastructure than copper
  • Offer bandwidth profiles that go up to 1 Gig and more
  • Increasing bandwidth is possible without the need for a truck roll or upgrading equipment

How IQ Wired Can Help:

  • Identify which carriers have on-net fiber in your buildings – locally and nationwide
  • Help you price out what it would take to get the fiber into the building if it’s not on-net with a carrier
  • If terms ‘funding’, ‘conduit’, ‘hand-off’ are terms you are familiar with, you know how complex fiber ordering and qualifications can be. We have helped 100’s of clients to navigate the ordering and turn-up of fiber circuits – so draw on our experience to help you
  • Find creative solutions – we can use an on-net carrier to connect to carrier-rich data centers to get you the breadth of services offered by many more carriers than what’s on-net in your building

To learn more or find the right data transport solution for your business, contact us or request a meeting today!