Ethernet Solutions

Is ethernet right for your company?

What it Is:

Ethernet is a relatively new WAN connectivity method that allows businesses to get business class, SLA-guaranteed, symmetric bandwidth for a fraction of what it would cost to get multiple T1s or DS3s. Services using Ethernet Access include Internet, MPLS, Layer 2 Metro LANS and long haul services. Businesses have used Ethernet inside the office (LAN) for years and now the same technology can be used for traffic outside the office (WAN).

Ethernet is not offered everywhere and its availability is dependent on 3 factors:

How IQ Wired Can Help:

If you are considering Ethernet, we can help you determine which carriers are available at your specific address(es).

If you have not considered Ethernet before, here are some reasons why many businesses are choosing Ethernet today:

  • Ideal for IP traffic (Native LAN “Language”) – allows you to switch instead of route traffic between sites
  • Service can be handed off to you as a simple CAT5 hand-off, making it easy to integrate with your existing equipment
  • Increasing port speeds is usually possible without the need for a truck roll or new customer premise equipment

To learn if Ethernet is available in your area or to start enjoying its benefits, contact us or request a meeting today!