Buying Services Through an Agent

Save time and get the best deal at no additonal cost.

Years ago, when you wanted to travel, you would call each airline to compare flights and rates. Today, several websites save time in comparing cost and convenience.

Buying telecom through a telecom agent is a similar concept: Your telecom agent can place multiple options side by side, the service itself is still provided by the carriers, and you only have to meet with one rep instead of sitting through multiple meetings.

  • Using an agent to buy services does NOT cost you anything and access to discounts and promos is EXACTLY the same.
  • Using an agent is like having a highly experienced telecom consulting team work for you AT NO COST – carriers pay agents to augment their sales and support resources.

Here is a comparison between buying telecom directly and via an agent:

Direct Rep


Contact each carrier separately

Instant access to 100+ carriers

Multiple formats, line items, products

Side-by-Side comparison

Guess on getting the best deal

Get best promos and discounts

Multiple vendor meetings

One meeting, multiple vendors compared

Timeline based on rep’s quota

Timeline based on your needs

Re-assigned to new rep every six months

Same account manager for life

One provider if want one point of contact

Best products from multiple carriers, one POC

Coordinate install yourself

PM to manage implementation at no cost

All with no additional cost to you!

To learn more or start streamlining and adding confidence to your telecom buying experience, contact us or request a meeting today!